3 Bed, 3 Bath Villa For Sale in Almoradí, Alicante, Spain PPA125/N3025K

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SOLD €148,000 EUR - Villa
PPA125 / N3025K Plot: 10094 / Build: 150 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms

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Country house to be renovated  with an area of ​​150 m2 on a fenced plot of 10,094 m2. The plot has its entrance through a sliding iron gate and the house currently has two access doors. The main door accesses to the spacious and rustic living room with 2 stoves for firewood that provide the possibility of keeping the house very warm and comfortable. The large kitchen with a wood-fired oven for those who enjoy cooking and the advantage in addition to giving a better flavor to the meals, healthier cooking, energy saving and pollution reduction. This area of ​​the house living-dining room-kitchen is the most recent extension and due to its characteristics it invites you to organize wonderful evenings with family and friends. 2 bright bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, one of them en suite. From the living room or from outside we access to an independent studio with its own living room, open kitchen, bathroom and its attic bedroom that you can use as a guest house or give it the use that suits you better. And if you like to enjoy the outside you have the barbecue and the large wooden roofed porch, the ideal opportunity to have an outdoor dining room for gatherings talking until early in the morning. This home will help you take the step to live in a quieter place, with less pollution and closer to nature where you can live in a more sustainable, self-sufficient and healthy way. It has facilities and services of water, drains and electric light, although its owners supplied the light by solar panels. Outside, the plot offers a private pool (currently not in use), large gardens and fountain, storage area, pens and a wooden house that was used as an office. The lack of use by its owners makes the outside requires maintenance, however it is a rustic villa with many possibilities in a quiet place, but with some neighbors who live all year and 2km from the center of Almoradí. Almoradí is the heart of Vega Baja for its situation, but also for its culture and sociology. It´s population still very agricultural but also very marked by the urban development of the coast. Numerous orchards around which the Segura river waters in its path, orchards that have made Almoradí a truly prosperous place. In recent years Almoradí has ​​become a strong claim given the amount of services offered to the citizen. The traditional Saturday market or its important furniture trade offer is an example of this.
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